Crêpes are a truly native, traditional French street food. A simple concept, almost as old as the streets themselves. Made with simple ingredients, milk, eggs and flour. These thin, crispy pancakes are the tastiest among the french street fares. We cook our crêpes to order (rather than reheat from a pile cooked earlier) and we make them thin (nothing worse than a gummy, undercooked crêpe!).

Crêpes and galettes are the perfect 'theatre food'. People enjoy watching their food being made, our staff are well trained in the art of crêpe making and the public gather round to watch, mesmerised at their skill. A crêpe can contain a variety of fillings; it can be served as both a main meal and a dessert. Please take a look at our menu page and have a little drool over our selection.

Our crêpes are made from white wheat, flour milled from soft English varieties and our gallettes are made from buckwheat flour, stone-ground, naturally gluten and wheat free.

  • Our sugar, bananas and drinks are all fair-trade
  • We use west country cheddar,ham & bacon.
  • Our fruit,herbs and salads are sourced locally for our crêpe fillings