Our Crêpes are made from white wheat, flour milled from soft English varieties and our galettes are made from buckwheat flour, stone-ground, naturally gluten and wheat free. Our menu reflects the public's desire for vegan, gluten free and local and seasonal ingredients. We have a vegan cheese so the majority of our savoury menu can be served vegan and we are adored for having vegan chocolate!

We also have a gluten free selection which we are regularly praised for and our daily specials always have a vegan/gluten free option.

The vegan crepe batter is made with buckwheat flour and oat milk so it's gluten free too. Not easy to make a gluten free, vegan crepe but we have perfected it now!

  • Our sugar, bananas and drinks are all fair-trade
  • We use west country cheddar,ham & bacon.
  • Our fruit,herbs and salads are sourced locally for our crêpe fillings